Take it back

Your life is nothing more - and nothing less - than your time


The JOMO movement is about uncovering the ways that your time is spent in service of joy, and missing out on the ways it isn’t. This is the essential work we must do to reclaim our joy in sustainable, life-giving ways. Too often, our precious energy is wasted in a toxic relationship with technology: technology should serve us, not the other way around.


Self-awareness lies at the heart of a joyful life. We must know who we are, what we value, and what holds us back if we are to live with intention. This is challenging but joyful work.


Be accountable to yourself - and the ones you love. How to succeed at making lasting life change is one of the great challenges of our era, and one of the essential ways to do that is through accountability. Change begins with accountability, when we make a statement to ourselves and the world that we want and are committed to it.

These powerful tools come together in one joyful package from Christina Crook.


The Digital Well-Being Contract

The JOMO Digital Well-Being Contract is a powerful tool that assists you in clarifying the areas of your relationship with technology that need changing, and what that change looks like. Paired with the JOMO Value Deck exercise, it’s an enlightening, thought-provoking process with step-by-step tutorials that help you identify your values and goals and express them in ways that are measurable, attainable, and relevant to your joy.

The JOMO Values Deck

The JOMO Value Deck is a simple and intuitive way to clarify the principles and ideals that matter most to you. Everyone’s values are uniquely theirs, and everyone is uniquely shaped by their values. Too often, though, we are unaware (or forget) what we value: we live in accordance with what we think we should value, or those imposed on us by others, and we set ourselves on a course that brings us ever farther away from joy.

The Digital Well-Being Contract and Value Deck are new offerings, but they’re not new concepts- I’ve been using them in workshops, presentations, and retreats since I began my JOMO journey.


Every time I’ve done these exercises with the public, people have asked, “where can I get one?” I realized the powerful potential these tools have for people to pursue JOMO on their own, and I’ve adapted these materials for use by individuals, families, and small groups.


I hope they are a potent instrument in your own JOMO journey, and I look forward to sharing your experiences with them!

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